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Grow your Social Media with a Plan

Your brand deserves to be seen on the Internet. There’s great power in telling stories, engaging audiences and igniting emotions through social media. It’s also quite different to classic marketing. That’s why we don’t just write generic posts – we experiment and take risks – this way your social profile will never be boring.

Facebook Ads allow for possibly the most precise targeting of Ad recipients. Facebook’s user base, as of 3rd quarter of 2019, is over 2.45B users. Facebook knows a lot about them – allowing for developing a really tight customization of your Ads towards certain audience groups, making it a really cost efficient form of advertising.

In addition to Social Media Ad management, we provide ongoing graphic design maintenance for your business. We design and implement custom graphics and visuals for each post, event and contest.

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What Can You Achieve in 30 days on Facebook?


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Managing a Social Meda Website

How can we grow your Social Media presence?

Social Media landscape changes a lot. So do user behavior patterns. Few years back companies could reach their audience just by frequently posting generic content. This is no longer a viable strategy. On one hand users learned to ignore dull advertisements disguised as content. On the other hand Facebook became cluttered with business feeds and started capping post ranges.

If you want to have a successful Facebook or Instagram business page you need to start creating unique, valuable content for your audiences. Or spend some money on boosting your post ranges. Your best bet is to do both.

We work with you to provide your users with valuable, engaging content and help it reach desired audience. We create copy and media. In a month we will transform your Facebook business page to perfectly align with your brand identity. We’ll write articles and posts, create cover, profile and post images. We’ll create, target and promote videos for your business.

Social Media Marketing is not dead. It just changed the principals it’s based on.

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Successful Facebook Advertising

How can we help you reach your users

  1. Research and Targeting – Know your audience. We’ll learn what’s important to them and what resonates with them. Upon finishing the research, we’ll create survey and listen very carefully to what your users have to say. We’ll target the Social Ad Campaign accordingly for maximizing your ROI.
  2. Design engaging content and graphics for your posts. We will create custom patterns and templates consistent with your business visual identity and use them accordingly across all the social media posts, ads and contests.
  3. Set Up the budget and optimize the campaign – We know what an optimal budget is. What’s more we know how to use it efficiently. We’ll trace and report how the campaign is performing and do on-the-fly optimizations if needed.
  4. Achieve results and report accordingly – We provide you with ongoing reports. We’ll measure the campaign performance against initial goals. Each month you receive a feature rich, thorough report on what works and what doesn’t.

Pagifly is not just Social Media Marketing. We are proud of our holistic approach to your Online presence. We Design, develop and Host beautiful, captivating websites that perform in terms of User Experience and Search Engine Rankings.

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