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business web design is about ONE thing.

Get. Your. Point. Across.

Capture your Audience’s attention as fast as possible.

Modern Business Website Design is all about capturing and maintaining your client’s interest. Users browsing for what they need online are overwhelmed by myriads of options being presented in a plethora of web techniques.

It’s crucial to develop defences against unwanted content. The average internet user judges and rejects websites within a matter of seconds. As a result, many valuable websites get filtered out as collateral damage. While this is an obstacle in reaching your customers, it should also be seen as an opportunity. Presenting your business in a clear yet interesting manner has never been more important.

Balanced design, website performance, and clarity of message – these are the tenets of Web Design that Pagify excels at.

75% Users will judge your business based on your website

Based on Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab research, 75% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.

Poor design is a reason of website mistrust in 94% of cases

Studies show respondents attributed their uneasiness to the website’s design in 94% of cases, while only 6% were attributed to website’s actual content.

0.05 second is the time you have to make an impression

Blink of an eye. That’s all the time you have before a user forms an opinion about your business according to google research.

Holistic Approach
About us - we're a

Full Service Interactive Agency

We Websites

Our Approach

Pagify is one of the first web development agencies that truly understands the interconnectedness between the various disciplines of web development. We offer a holistic solution to handle all your design, hosting, and marketing needs to ensure you thrive in the online ecosystem.


We analyze the needs, set the goals accordingly, and choose the most effective solutions for each project. We focus on both the user experience and website performance. We believe design is only as good as the results it lets you achieve.


Our hosting, provided by one of the industry leaders, is swift, secure, and optimized for website response and loading times. It ensures user satisfaction and meets search engines criteria. As such, your users can access your website swiftly with minimal loading times and it also optimizes your website to rank well in search engines.


We create pages clearly visible in Google search engines. We optimize the content, key phrases and meta tags in a way your website visibility benefits from.




Are you sure you are doing your business the best possible way? Is there no room for improvement? Are you sure you are doing your business the best possible way? Is there no room for improvement? Our goal is to firmly grasp your ideas and then play with them so we can present you options you might have not considered before.

Ultimately we want the website design process to be a shared experience and the end result to be a one of a kind custom website that elevates your web presence to the next level.

Fast Fast Fast!

Website Performance

Because Time is Money

Speed is of the essence now more than ever in web design. Online users want to have an experience unobstructed by slow loading time and delays. You may have the most beautifully constructed website, but it won’t mean anything if it doesn’t load immediately.

Keeping that in mind, we build fast websites, that grant results. Both in user experience and in search engine visibility.

0 ms
A 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%
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40% users abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load.
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Publishers whose mobile sites load in 5 seconds earn up to 2x more mobile ad revenue than those whose sites load in 19 seconds.

*all data taken from google research

We design and deliver

Clear, Lucid Information Architecture

so your Content draws attention it deserves

Clear communication design is the foundation on which we develop how a website looks and behaves. We avoid unnecessary website cluttering – valuable content doesn’t need background noise


Unique Web Design

Joy of being remarkable

We guarantee your website will be unique. We will prepare an individual website design based on your preferences and our experience. We don’t use templates – your site will be unique and one of a kind.

{ RWD }

Responsive Web Page Design

Mobile Design

The Big Shift

Google already shifted focus toward mobile devices. As majority of it's searches now come from mobile devices Google started indexing websites based on their mobile performance first.

over 50%

More than half of the website traffic results from visits of users using mobile devices. We account for that, when making design choices for your website.

agency themed logo displayed on a smartphone

RWD (Responsive Web Design)

We create only responsive and adaptive websites, which means that they adapt smoothly and instantly to the size and resolution of the screen on which they are displayed.

Native mobile SEO

We structure our mobile data in a way search engines understand. Easy navigation, quick loading times, and smooth user experience among all devices are a must for your online business to prosper.

lower costs - higher quality

Web Design Pricing

Full Website for as little as $500

Website design is evolving. Today’s designers have much more freedom of choice and access to a lot more refined tools than they used to.

With the industry growth developing and designing websites processes are becoming quicker and better optimized themselves, which translates directly to website designing costs. Yes – having a website designed still costs you money – especially since we keep high design standards, but it is nowhere near where it used to be 5 years ago. Feel free to check our website price calculator to get an estimate of how much should your website cost.

Or you could always build it yourself with Elementor – a state of the art visual website builder for WordPress.

Pagifly is not just a Website Design Agency. We are proud of our holistic approach to your Online presence. We design, develop and host beautiful, captivating websites that perform in terms of User Experience and Search Engine Rankings.
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