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Website Hosting

For your Business Website

Pagifly web hosting is dedicated to websites built using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla. Our carefully designed solution is being provided by one of industry leaders and guarantees optimal loading times, security and reliability for your business website.

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Domain Registration

First step to an online success

Find a perfect domain name for your business. Having it registered is the first step to bringing your brand online. Work with us to have your online presence designed, hosted and advertised.

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Mobile UI / UX

Business Email Hosting

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Images are crucial in the online world, especially in businesses. You want to maintain a professional image to win your customers’ and clients’ trust. Having a professional email that’s connected to your domain name establishes trust and sets your business apart as reputable and well-established. As opposed to that, sending out professional correspondence through emails linked to Yahoo or Hotmail looks amateur and may end up costing you valuable business.


Database backups

Full Server REwind

Database backup is the process of backing up the all the data, operational state and  architecture of your website’s database. It enables the creation of a recoverable instance  of your database, which can be used in case primary database crashes, is corrupted or is lost. Our Database Backups are fully automatic and allow you to rewind your whole website to a state from before corruption occurred.

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Website Security

ssl certificates

Ranging from Free to Premium EV

At Pagifly you get a wide range of SSL Certificate options. We protect all your websites with a free Let’s Encrypt SLL Certificate by default. You can additionally choose to have your website protected by commercial certificates ranging from a single domain to wildcard, or extended validation certificates.

SSL Certificates increase visitor trust, search engine scores, website and web store security.

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Google Services integration

Integrate with G-Suite

Want to use Gmail for your business email Share your Google Calendar? Collaborate in Google Docs or Sheets? We will integrate your account with G Suite, so you can take advantage of Google’s cloud computing platform.

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