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Emails are currently the cornerstone of all correspondences in the online world. It’s impossible to run a business without emails. There are a lot of free email options available and it may be tempting to simply use them. But it’s far more beneficial to invest in a professional email address and the benefits speak for themselves.

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Images are crucial in the online world, especially in businesses. You need to maintain a professional image to win your customers’ and clients’ trust. Having a professional email that’s connected to your domain name establishes trust and sets your business apart as reputable and well-established. As opposed to that, sending out professional correspondence through emails linked to Yahoo or Hotmail looks amateur and may end up costing you valuable business.

Connected to your Domain

Your professional email should be connected to your domain name. For example, if your domain is, your professional email should be something like This will create a clear link between your correspondence and your website, allowing customers and clients to look up your website as well. As such, it works as a great marketing tool.

Avoid being flagged as spam

Spammers frequently use free email servers, which is why they’re often seen as suspicious. As such, when you send out correspondence through free emails, they’re more likely to get flagged as spam, making you lose out on business. Professional emails are far less likely to get flagged as spam.