Local Business Marketing

Get your Local Business Presence Boost for as little as $300/month

Operating locally? Want to compete local markets, generate local leads, or expand your presence in a region? Local business marketing is something for you. We will make sure you’re listed in the most beneficial local business listings in a correct, engaging way.

We’ll design and maintain the visuals for your business and deploy them where they generate the most traffic.We will construct and optimize keywords used in local online advertising. We’ll make sure your ad budget is being spent in an efficient manner, targeting correct audiences for your business.

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Why Do Local business Listings Matter?

Pros of being displayed in local listings

Internet landscape is constantly evolving, Search Engines are getting more precise and it’s never been easier for world’s giants to reach end-users.

This however has it’s downsides – we don’t necessarily want to be buying services and products from global corporations. We as clients often times want to buy from local companies for various reasons. This is where Local Business Listings come to help.

Online Catalogues such as:

Are a great place to be. Not only allowing for local searches,  boosting your SEO efforts and overall internet presence, but also generating significant, organic and local traffic to your website.

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Be Where your Customers Search For you

We'll keep track of where your business is listed

We will make sure non only that your business is listed in local listings – we will also design and populate your pages in those listings with custom graphics and texts. Google, Yelp, Yahoo are just a few. We’ll even establish your business Facebook account – that’s a great opportunity to start Social Media Marketing campaigns

Pagifly is not just Local Marketing Agency. We are proud of our holistic approach to your Online presence. We design, develop and host beautiful, captivating websites that perform in terms of User Experience and Search Engine Rankings.
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