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Have you ever imagined how online popularity can change your life? If you had, for sure, you have thought about how significant social media platforms are today. Am I right, mate?

If not, well then, shut your mush! Really? 

Unless you live in a mountain with a weak signal, get out of here, mate!

Here are some of the things you’re missing out if you are the latter, and some ways to chase after wasted opportunities. 

With a huge online following, you can reach more people to resonate with your cause or purpose. And hey bud, it is not just about building a support system. When you grow your audience, chances are, you can make money from it. Imagine transforming your hobby into a lucrative career. That’s sick, man! 

Brands look for influencers to promote and endorse their products. And of course, they only select the figure that has the biggest online following to have a wider reach. When you’re chosen, you’ll be getting sponsorships left and right, mate!

However, you can get other things if you’re not in it for the money. Growing your audience can help you improve your self-esteem. It is also a good steal! So what are you waiting for? Start grinding to get more followers. If you don’t know how, we’ve got you! 

Try these unconventional ways to grow your online following!

Flaunt that hashtag

Indeed, you should go where the water flows. Make sure you’re always updated with popular topics. Most internet users rely on hashtags to browse the content they want to see. Hence, you should capitalize on popular hashtags to direct their attention to your content.

Nevertheless, the statement you curate along with the hashtags is also essential. Be a nitwit if you want. There’s nothing a good sense of humor can’t get! 

Embellish your bio 

It’s there for a reason, bud! Use it properly. If it’s ugly, you will run out of followers even before you get them. It is the first thing people see. Make sure it encapsulates your brand. Who are you, and why should they subscribe? 

Blimey! Look at that! She likes dogs. 

Never hesitate to cross-promote

Yes, you read it right. For example, put your Instagram account in all of the social media platforms you use if you wish to grow your Instagram followers. You can put it on your Twitter or Facebook bio – it’s up to you. Such an approach can help you get more profile views. Cross-post your best content to peek the interests of more people. 

Engage with people online

Just like in marketing, how you communicate with people decides your success. Spare a few minutes for other users. Liking or replying to a comment that is relevant to your brand is how you should go about it.

Consider doing giveaways

If you have the means, doing giveaways is something you should employ to maximize your online following. Many internet users love rewards and prizes. So why not capitalize on it?

And that’s it!

Now that you know what methods you can try to increase your online following, muster up your courage. Don’t be shy, you’ve got this!

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