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The Challange

Directory Website Development with instantaneous traffic attraction

The website for MyNativeSpeaker is a unique project aiming to contact users with language teachers. Functionalities needed were those of a listing directory, social platform, business showcase & membership subscription websites combined into a single platform. To make things more difficult the project had to gain traffic and become financially independent right from the start, after a single, initial development cost.

Online Services provided:

The Solution

A directory portal with engaging blog section

We started with setting up functionality scope and time frames for each of the project parts. From there, to speed things up, we simultaneously developed the website’s back-end and the project’s graphic design.

We decided to add a blog functionality to provide the website’s users with more value and to have a set up a platform for social marketing operations.

Keeping in mind that the website is going to have to be attracting and engaging users right from the start, we made sure to add entertaining functionalities, like Google’s text-to-voice and tooltips to the blog engine.

While steadily working on SEO, we started a dynamic Facebook campaign, which at around 3 posts a week, has brought the first few thousand users and 150+ teachers.

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The Result

but not the end

The result is a fully working website with intranet, payment gateways, social profile, ads and ad metrics, subscription options, event calendar, blog and many other features.

SEO is a slow process. Supplementing early months after launch with Social Media Marketing turned out to be a viable solution, attracting both users and teachers. We are currently hosting MNS website, providing SEO, SMM and ongoing maintenance services. We hope to further increase MNS user base and online presence.

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