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The Challange

Overall Performance

Simply put – the website was not performing the way it should. GetJumps is a leading, US based, premium quality horse show jumps provider and is a living proof that even having the best product in the industry is sometimes too little to make online sales. We identified 3 main problems within the old instance of the website:

Online Services provided:

The Solution

Complete Website Overhaul

We completely redesigned the brand visual identity and its voice to be more consistent, bold and appealing to equestrian audience. New logo, color palette and graphic elements were used in a complete website redesign, which became a business showcase, with the shop section attached rather than a simple product directory.

Shop engine has been rewritten and repurposed as well. Website is using WordPress for its core CMS and WooCommerce for product management. Both have been heavily customized, including additional jump configuration options for each of the products. Due to varying delivery rates – the checkout has been replaced with an ask-for-a-quote functionality. 

Helping both the users and search engine crawler bots better understand the store content each of the products now received its unique description. This resulted in both SERP position increase and higher user engagement.

The website has been deployed and is being hosted on our optimized, LightSpeed Webservers. Taking advantage of LWS technology, we made sure that, despite its heavy graphical content, it loads below 2s.

The Result

but not the end

SEO and especially E-commerce SEO are slow processes. After half a year of ongoing optimization we achieved considerable performance increase among all key metrics, such as SERP position, impression numbers, unique users, their engagement and conversion rates. Supplementing SEO with PPC management service & social media campaigns led to a visible increase in how the whole website performs. We are looking forward to continue cooperating with GetJumps and increasing online business performance even further.

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