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The Challange

Build a Well Performing Business Website in a Local Niche

Pagifly started working with Atty. Fafinska back in 2015, when we were approached to design the  first instance of the website. Since then we ran 5 medium-sized ad campaigns, managed organic search performance, designed and developed a new brand identity and website.

Online Services provided:

The Solution

A Business Website with an attached legal advice portal

We are always extremely proud when our design works well with our clients. Back in 2015 we managed to design a website that remained almost unaltered to this day. Although the website has been redesigned in the early 2020 – its core features, content and identity remained untouched. Dividing the website into 3 main functional sections proved to be a huge success both in terms of SEO and UX. 

“About” Section provides the users with the office background, history and capabilities as well as lists all the available services. Every important aspect is clearly highlighted, described and has its own sub-section on the newly designed website.

“Free legal advice” is a huge, content rich section that provides audience with practical, informative knowledge and practical solutions to users problems. Legal advice blog-like section has been the single largest organic user attractor on the website.

“Legal departament outsourcing” is the office’s unique main service directed towards larger company executives.

As of 2020 we expanded the website functionalities adding a client portal, intranet and an advice booking solution fully integrated with lawyers calendars and payment gateways. 

The Result

but not the end

We are currently taking care of website hosting, occasional website redesigns, content creation, SEO and PPC for fafinska.pl 

Fafinska.pl has over 50 TOP3 long-tail keyphrases and over 400 TOP10 keyphrases. The results are generating the most traffic out of all local attorney offices in a 1M+ inhabitants area of tri-city in Poland.

We look forward to increasing organic traffic, qualified leads and revenue even further. We hope to remain an integral part of the team and continue to supplement our client’s office growth for at least another 5 years, as we always strive to build a long-term relationship.

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