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A Single, Custom Fully Functional Portfolio Module for All Case Studies

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The Challange

Developing One-Pager into a Full website

One pager websites are great – we especially love them for small business showcasing capabilities and story telling a thoughtful webdesigner can achieve by using the scroll for a canvas. Sometimes keeping a well composed single pager is a good idea even for a medium sized business, but more often than not growing online business needs make the initial one pager you got so used to, obsolete. 

This happened to be true / was the case with Eye-5 – Top, total marketing New York modelling.

They do have their limits and usually fall short as soon as page owner wants to allow for any sort of deeper understanding for his business within his target audience.

The Result

a complete website redesign

Together with Eye5 we decided to expand on the existing single-pager and develop it into a full  showcase website complete with a working, custom case study module that uses dynamic logic to allow  for adding and adequate case highlighting directly from the back-end without any programming knowledge.